About Us

Hello there, my name is Kareena Nair, mommy of three and the founder & potion maker of Vedic Potion Inc. Although, professionally I have been an IT Security Engineer for past two decades but my passion has always been in experimenting with making handmade products using my homegrown herbs. After having kids and getting ‘busy’ with ‘life’, I noticed my hair getting dry and damaged every time I colored or used chemical products on them. Also, I started losing a lot more hair than normal. This is when I routinely started oiling my hair using my family’s traditional recipe. Within a few months of routinely oiling, I noticed that my hair was much softer and had its natural luster back. As my hair got healthier and stronger, I started experimenting with various versions of my recipe to fit my hair needs. The change in my hair quality was so drastic that my family, friends, and neighbors also starting using my oils. After using and loving it, they encouraged me into bringing my hair oils to the market. Hence, Vedic Potion Inc. was born and my passion became my new profession. 



 A bit of history on how I picked the name for my company – ‘Vedic’ is derived from a sanskrit word, “Veda” which means knowledge. Potion is inspired from a sanskrit word “Poshan” which means nourishment (not to mention, my kids are a huge Harry Potter fan, hence the twist on words). These words when infused together describe the products I proudly make to nourish your hair using the ayurvedic* recipes that have been in my family for generations and only perfected over time. The herbs I use are hand picked, natural, dye free, and pesticide free with no artificial preservative and I only use cold pressed certified organic carrier oils to infuse these herbs to help you achieve your goal of healthy and nutritious hair.


* Ayurvedic, also known as Ayurveda, is an ancient health care tradition that has been practiced in India for at least 5000 years. The word is derived from sanskrit terms ayur (life) and veda (knowledge).