June 10, 2018:

Prior to using Vedic Potion, my hair was voluminous, with rough curls and lacked the sheen and strength. Also, I was tested for several allergies and had to stop using the hair oil that worked before. After much deliberation, we arrived at what we thought might just work. And it not only worked, it worked perfectly. I started using twice a week for two weeks and the difference was striking. The volume, length, lustre and my curls looked fantastic. My mom even said that it looked like when she managed my hair (now that’s quite a compliment). As the saying goes, invest in your hair, as it is the crown you never take off. I’ve recommended it to several friends too. “I love my hair; it’s a reflection of me….and me is indeed beautiful”. Thanks Kareena and Vedic Potion. –  Aparna Kadari, Virginia (Ordered Custom Herbal Hair Oil – VP81126D-A)


May 20, 2018:

Great product, “Simply amazing” this is what my friends say about my hairs, after I started using Vedic Potion. I see the difference, hairs are healthier,thick and shinning. Feels great. I highly recommend this product. Great customer service. –  Sangeeta Dode, Virginia (Ordered Strengthen for Normal Herbal Hair Oil)


April 16, 2018:

It Does reduce shedding and this oil is very soothing when applied on the scalp before washing the hair as an oil prepoo treatment. I prepoo with this oil every chance i get beside when its time to clarify my hair. –  Nuslly Amaya, New York (Ordered Strengthen for Dry Herbal Hair Oil)


April 1, 2018:

This product is simply amazing !I’ve been using this product for a month and I see the difference. My hair has thicken incredibly.. –  Indu P Gupta, Texas (Ordered Ordered Custom Herbal Hair Oil – VP81126D-CS)


February 28, 2018:

I absolutely love this product. I am in my late thirties and a mother of three, and I have neglected my hair for too long. I am using the “Strengthening” Herbal Hair oil and I can feel the difference. I love how my hair feels, and recently my husband, mom, and sister commented on how good it looks. Also, Kareena was so helpful when choosing what hair oil would work best for me. I highly recommend this product. –  Agya Pudner, Alabama (Ordered Strengthen for Normal/Oily Herbal Hair Oil with extra Bhringraj)


January 29, 2018:

An incredibly nourishing oil and not at all greasy. I love how my hair feels after each wash and it has also reduced the amount of hair fall tremendously. Definitely a great find on Etsy for me. –  Padmini Majarekar, Virginia (Ordered Custom Herbal Hair Oil – VP81126D-A)



January 23, 2018:

The oil has been great and it really helped with the dandruff issue I have been having for sometime. –  Gargi Adusumilli, Virginia (Ordered Strengthen for Normal/Oily Herbal Hair Oil)



January 20, 2018:

Despite starting swim lessons 2 weeks ago, my younger daughter has dramatically reduced dandruff and asked for some oil on an itchy spot yesterday. My older daughter’s psoriasis is healing quickly. Thank you so much for this gift! Girls need to feel confident in their teens, and scalp issues make that difficult. Your oils helped them both focus less on their appearance and more on what matters.–  Laura Fidler, Virginia (Ordered Custom Herbal Hair Oils – VP81127A and VP81127C)



December 28, 2017:

Excellent experience using the customized oil made to suit my needs and hair type. Highly recommended !!–  Seema Sinha, Virginia (Ordered Strengthen for Normal/Oily Herbal Hair Oil with Tulsi)



November 22, 2017:

This is absolutely the BEST hair product I’ve used. My 11 year old son has long, thick, curly hair. Brushing and detangling his hair has always been a very arduous, elaborate chore for us! Not anymore… “Hibiscus & Aloe” Herbal Hair Oil detangles the hair in no time, leaving them soft and smooth even after successive washes. Thank you Vedic Potion for simplifying our lives and delivering a great quality product. – Simran Ghotra, Virginia (Ordered Hibiscus & Aloe Herbal Hair Oil)




November 1, 2017:

I really want to thank Vedic potion for this wonderful custom hair oil which I ordered for one of my daughter for hair growth.She is 6 yr old but have very fine hair, and her hair won’t grow beyond certain length.But for first time in these years saw her hair growing beyond certain length and now I am able to tie a little pony for her.My daughter is sooo happy and call it “magic oil.” Thanks a lot Kareena for your wonderful oil and make my dd happy. God bless you and Best wishes for many more wonderful oil creation to help people. – Ruchita Nimje, Virginia (Ordered Custom Herbal Hair Oil – VP81110LR-CS)



October 29, 2017:

I wanted to email you and let you know how much the nourishing oil, you made for me has helped. I have always kept my hair short, because I have hated how hard it is to maintain it, But for once I decided to grow it out. I was beginning to get frustrated at how dry my hair was getting and that it was falling more than I would have liked. I was about to chop it all off again, when I saw your page on another friend’s timeline and thought, what is the harm in trying one last thing. I must admit it is a wonderful product, I love how manageable and healthy and nourished my hair looks right now. It keeps me motivated to use it often , I actually have it in my hair as I write this.
You have a gift and I hope to be a regular customer. Also I love that your oils are all natural, organic and cold pressed and that you make them individually according to your clients’ needs. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your products and wish you all the best. Good luck!! – Poonam Kumpatla, Virginia (Ordered Nourish for Dry Scalp Herbal Hair Oil)


October 19, 2017:

My daughter got an intricate hairdo for an event and the stylist back combed her hair to give it volume. My daughter got really bad tangles by the next day and we were unable to de-tangle her hair as she was screaming in pain every time i ran the hairbrush through her hair – even though I was using a store bought de-tangler. I took her to the salon by me and they refused to work with her as they said the hair was very badly tangled. They suggested chopping off her hair. My daughter has never cut her hair short and has really long hair and so refused to cut the hair short. Finally, as a last resort I heated some of the custom made vedic potion oil that I had bought a week back and massaged her hair. Then I left the hair oil in the hair for a coupe hours and after that magically the hair-detangled easily and painlessly. I am so grateful for your hair oil and my daughter thanks you for saving her hair. Please let people know they can use your oil as a chemical free detangler. Thanks again !!! Adding the before and after pictures for reference !! – Puneet Bhateja, Virginia (Ordered Nourish for Oily Scalp Herbal Hair Oil)